Indie Market on Laurel

Saturday, August 4th

10am - 5pm

In the Historic Riverfront District of Conway

CREATE Conway presents the Indie Market on Laurel with live music plus local goodness for sale. Spend the day and enjoy the river. Meet your local creative community and purchase from a wide variety of handmade, homegrown and local art & fine craft for sale. NEW! Food Truck fare, beer & wine for sale. On stage local favorites the Spots, Brian Roessler and Flirt! perform 11 am - 4pm. 

Conway is located on the Waccamaw River and the location for Indie Market is at the entrance to the Riverwalk from the roundabout fountain on Laurel Street to Second Ave. Artisan Demos, Pine Needle Basket Weaving, Jewelry Making, Painting and Traditional Indigo Dye techniques will also be featured throughout the day.

Conway bubbles up with creativity at the Indie Market with a variety of goods for sale from over 50 local artists, artisans, designers, and vintage makers. You'll find handmade soaps and candles, precious glass and pottery, handcrafted pine needle baskets, colorful fibers, beautiful jewelry, healthful holistic products, delicious cuisine, local honey products and so much more. The Indie Market is all about Handmade + Homegrown + Local Goodness!

Artisans, Artists & Food Vendors Reserve your Booth Space Here!

ATTENTION CREATE Conway Members: Your Outdoor Space is Free. Your Indoor Space is an additional $30.00 

Become a CREATE! Conway Member here.

The Indie Market is funded in part by a generous award from the John and Susan Bennett Memorial Fund of the Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina and the SC Arts Commission which receives support from the National Endowment of the Arts. We also thank our sponsors for their generous support: Dr. Nicholas Twigg, Conway Glass, 104 Laurel, the Warehouse, City of Conway and Elvis Services. Also, a BIG Thank You to our members and volunteers!

CREATE! Conway Members: Call Barbara at 843-248-4527 to confirm your reservation today!



  • Susan Hoke
    commented 2018-08-03 08:23:22 -0400
    Any vendor set up information available for tommorow?
  • Sue Andrick
    commented 2018-07-21 07:32:41 -0400
    May I get more information about becoming a vendor? Amount, space size, set up?
  • Barbara Streeter
    commented 2018-06-30 10:55:09 -0400
    You can sign up as an artist member here and you will receive a free booth in the Indie Market, Live Art & Music Fest, and the Ag + Art Tour.

    All messages and questions are answered with a personal email.

    If you are not a member and would like to sign up for a booth just follow the link above that is highlighted in purple.

  • Mary Zlotnick
    commented 2018-06-29 22:48:32 -0400
    I tried to sign up, but I was being charged $45? I already paid $75 membership.
  • Mary Zlotnick
    commented 2018-06-29 22:41:24 -0400
    Do I need to fill out an application? I am a member and did this show last year?
  • Mary Zlotnick
    commented 2018-06-29 22:36:34 -0400
    Hi Barbara!

    Just confirming I will be at Indie Market on Laurel. Would love same space as last year, near Jupiter Pies…Thank you!


    Authentic Pawleys Life
  • Bobbi Bayer
    commented 2018-06-14 12:53:50 -0400
    Are you still accepting vendors?
  • Carol Speck
    commented 2018-05-21 17:53:56 -0400
    How do I become a member & what is the cost? I would also like to participate at the Indie Market in August.
  • allison sperber
    commented 2018-05-20 14:07:09 -0400
    Just heard about this event and would be interested in attending as a vendor. I make and sell license plate art. Would like a free booth outside if possible.
  • Mollie Fout
    commented 2018-03-22 20:06:00 -0400
    Hi Barbara, when will we know a date for the Indie Market? Mollie Fout
  • Darlena Washington
    commented 2017-11-05 23:45:31 -0500
    I’m interested in being a vendor in the April 2018 show. What are the space costs and the size? I paint vintage windows.
  • Barbara Streeter
    commented 2017-10-11 08:15:55 -0400
  • Dean Smith
    commented 2017-08-02 16:36:35 -0400
    If I join as an Artist can I participate I the event on Aug 8th? My Etsy site is listed as MANtiquesStore. I live and create in Myrtle Beach.
  • Tom Cooke
    commented 2017-07-18 09:19:57 -0400
    I am with Blackwater Beekeepers Assoc., and would like to be part of the Indie market if someone could call my cell (843) 855-4461 .
  • Kelly Sweitzer
    commented 2017-07-13 10:50:21 -0400
    Good morning! A fellow full-time vendor here in Wilmington, Bitsy Crawford, told me about your lovely market, and I’d love to have the chance to participate! At your earliest convenience, could you pass along an application?

    I am an illustrator that deals solely in food puns! My characters are simple, colorful designs that are featured in paintings, on totes, greeting cards, magnets, onesies, and prints.

    Here’s a link to my Etsy site and my Instagram feed:


    Thanks so much! Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kelly Sweitzer // The Pepper Mill Shop
  • Keith Gunter
    commented 2017-07-13 10:44:11 -0400
    Hope I can make it
  • Susan Pearson
    commented 2017-06-29 03:41:04 -0400
    I make and sell Beaded flipflops and Vintage Pillowcase dolls, I have my own 10 x10 tent would you have room for me ? Thankyou
  • Erica Rousseau
    commented 2017-06-26 11:40:52 -0400
    When is the last day to register for this event? Thanks!
  • Cathy Kelley
    commented 2017-04-01 19:32:32 -0400
    Interested re baking and/or paintings
  • Barbara Streeter
    published this page in Events 2017-03-19 13:44:41 -0400
  • Janet Place
    commented 2017-02-15 08:55:58 -0500
    Will there be an Indie Market this year, and if so, when is the deadline for vendor applications? Thanks!
  • ulrike powell
    commented 2017-02-14 15:48:57 -0500
    Hello Barbara, please send me a note when you need me to register. Also I heard you might teach textile dying with natural dye? I heard this at the Sewing Basket group at the library. Like you to share some info on that subject as well. Thanks.
  • A. J. Jeffries, JUST  SILVER
    commented 2016-07-01 12:03:21 -0400
    I’m a silversmith and sell only silver items. I’d like to be a vender, for Oct. Music Festival.

    Thank you very much.

    A. J.
  • carla billings
    commented 2016-04-01 20:13:40 -0400
    is it too late to purchase a vendor site for Indie April 2?
  • Barbara Streeter
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-03-07 07:33:01 -0500
    Indie Market on Laurel vendors can sign up here:
  • Barbara Streeter
    @scglassmaker tweeted link to this page. 2016-03-07 07:32:55 -0500
  • Barbara Streeter
    commented 2016-03-07 07:31:56 -0500
    Artists, handmade and vintage vendors sign up here:
  • Dan & Heidi Norton
    commented 2016-02-25 12:16:48 -0500

    We are interested in doing the Indie Market.
  • Sarah Wickstrom
    commented 2016-02-05 15:11:58 -0500
  • Gail Baillargeon
    commented 2016-02-04 10:06:40 -0500
    Vendor Info link in email not working. Just letting you know!

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