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    Help Support Our Programs

    $860.00 raised
    GOAL: $5,000.00

    CREATE! Conway has a goal of raising $5000 to support our artist programs and art activities.

    We really hope you’ll be a part of reaching that goal! All donations received will go towards supporting the Live Oak Art + Music Fest, the Indie Market, Muse on the Waccamaw Songwriting Contest, Little Free Library and our art networking meetings and activities held throughout the year. We're building community, sparking creativity and growing the arts in Horry County. Please help by donating and spreading the word about our worthwhile programs!








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    Get involved

    Joining our website is free and you don't have to be a member to get involved.

    It's easy to share our mission and programs on social media or by email. When you do, you'll be helping us to promote the arts throughout Horry County. You'll even be able to earn Art Points. Earn even more, Art Points by becoming an art volunteer. We have a number of jobs from taking surveys at the Live Oak Art & Music Fest to data entry for our Calendar.

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CREATE Conway, Inc. is a non-profit educational and charitable arts organization.
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